Bet On The UFCWelcome to, your one stop shop for betting on MMA online.  Check out the MMA betting guide in the right sidebar to learn how to bet on MMA online and win!  I also suggest you check out our no holds barred MMA sportsbook reviews that were tailored for MMA bettors.  We look at what types of MMA bets are offered and if you can find value in the money lines and prop bets instead of just giving a generic review like you find at most MMA sites.

On top of all this our resident MMA betting expert, Brad, will be offering up his picks for free on each upcoming UFC event, so check back often for some free MMA picks.

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UFC Fight Night Werdum vs Volkov Main Event Betting Picks

The UFC is heading back to London for a Fight Night card on March 17th.  This card will be taking place in a very slow March for the promotion, with... more
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UFC 222: Cyborg vs Kunitskaya Main Card Betting Picks

The UFC is heading back to Vegas to conclude an 8 week streak of events culminating with this weeks UFC 222 card.  The original main event for this PPV was... more
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MMA Betting Options

You might think that in an MMA fight you can only bet on which guy wins, but that is not the case.  There are also a variety of MMA prop bets to choose from such as which round the winner ends the fight in or the method of victory (decision, submission, knockout, etc).

Betting Tips for MMA Betting

One great tip for MMA betting is to seriously consider the prop bets.  There may be value in a fighter winning by submission if his opponent has weak takedown and submission defense.  Try to understand each fighters strengths and weakness, then with this information envision how you think the fight will end.  You can often get some good payouts for MMA prop bets.  That’s just one tip.  See four more on our MMA betting tips page.

MMA Promotional Companies

The UFC is the most well known MMA promotional company and the general consensus is that the majority of the top fighters in the world fight for UFC.  That being said there are several other smaller MMA promo companies, many of which also have some very strong fighters that are included in top fighter debates in many weight classes.

Where To Bet On MMA

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Will often offer the best odds for the majority of fights on a UFC card. The $1000 sign up bonus is also one of the best in the business.





Offers lines and some interesting prop bets on all UFC events. A great option for non-American residents.





The reduced juice makes it necessary to have a 5Dimes account if you want to win money betting on MMA.





Online sportsbooks have emerged as hands down the best place to bet on MMA fights. Online bookies, like the four listed above, offer security, convenience, betting variety and bonuses that you can’t find anywhere else. As long as you set up an account with a reputable online sportsbook you should have no worries about the safety and security of your funds or credit card information.

There are a lot of great sportsbooks on the web that are committed to customer service and building their brands. If you stick with only reputable and trustworthy sportsbooks your online betting experience will be great. The convenience and betting variety are two other positives that you can only find at an only sportsbook. You are able to place a wide variety of bets on MMA fights from anywhere you can find an internet connection. The  market is also very competitive, which in turn means sportsbooks have to offer competitive odds and great bonuses to entice you to bet with them. All in all if you want to bet on MMA you should do so online.