5 MMA Betting Tips

Betting on MMA fights is a lot of fun, but it is always more fun when you are winning your bets.  Here are a few general MMA betting tips that you can add to your MMA betting strategy to hopefully up your profit betting on the next big MMA event.

Tip #1 – Check out the prop bets

You shouldn’t overlook the prop bets when looking at the betting options for an MMA fight.  If you understand MMA well you may have a good idea how a fight could go based on each fighters strengths and weaknesses.  Betting on a certain fighter to win by submission could be a sharp fight if you expect the majority of the fight to take place on the mat.

Tip #2 – Steer clear of heavy favorites

There are a couple reasons why you should steer clear of heavy favorites when betting on MMA fights.  First of all, as we all know, in MMA each fighter has a fighting chance of winning the fight.  One mistake by the favorite or one lucky punch by the underdog and you could be out a large chunk of your bankroll, while hoping for only a small return.

Another reason to stay away from the huge favourites is because the line is almost always swayed by the general public to make it even longer (less return on favorite) than it realistically should be.  This is because the average bettor loves to win, regardless of the amount, and betting on favourites allows him to win more often than he loses, even though it hurts his bankroll overall.

Betting on big favorites is almost always a negative expected value bet.

Tip #3 – Underdogs lose less over the long run

This tip is true in all sports and it is mainly because of the reasoning I outlined above.  The general public loves a favorite.  In order to win betting on sports, including MMA, you need to bet against the general public to be successful.

Tip #4 – Pick your fights

If you are trying to make money betting on MMA then you should not be betting on every fight on a UFC card.  The oddsmaker will be spot on for a lot of fights, which means that there will be no edge that you can take advantage of.  If the odds look to be accurate, stay away from betting on the fight.

If you are just betting for entertainment purposes by all means bet on every fight, but keep your bets small so as not to bankrupt yourself.

Tip #5 – Shop for the best line

We recommend betting on MMA fights at 5Dimes.eu or Bookmaker.eu because they generally offer the best odds for MMA.  That being said the two sportsbooks will not always offer the same odds for each fighter.  In fact, MMA is one sport where you can almost always find big differences in the odds at different sportsbooks.  If you want to be a winning MMA bettor you NEED to get the best return possible on every bet you make.  To do this you have to line shop until you find the best odds for your fighter.