Bet On Strikeforce

StrikeforceStrikeforce is one of the larger MMA promotional companies in the world and is currently the main competitor of UFC for the top fighters in the sport.  Strikeforce originally started out as a kick boxing organization, but in 2006 made the move to MMA and has not looked back since.  Strikeforce has been able to get some of the best fighters in the world under contract and their fighters are always in the discussion as to who is the best fighter at each weight class.  Serious MMA fans are just as likely to bet on Strikeforce fights as they are to bet on the UFC.

Where To Bet On Strikeforce Online

The best place to bet on Strikeforce fights is online at a reputable online sportsbook.  You will find the widest variety and most competitive Strikeforce betting lines online.  The online sports betting business is so competitive that not only will you find a wide variety of fair odds, but you will also receive a sign up bonus and value added promotions from time to time to sweeten the deal. is our top rated Strikeforce betting site because they offer the most and often the best Strikeforce betting lines you will find online.  5Dimes is also one of the most well respected and trustworthy sportsbooks in the industry and they offer a solid sign up bonus of up to $520 depending on your initial deposit.  They also accept players from everywhere in the world, including the United States.  Visit now to bet on Strikeforce!

A solid alternative to 5Dimes would bet  BetOnline is emerging as a solid sports betting option, especially for United States residents.  They offer a wide variety of Strikeforce bets and a great bonus for every single deposit of up to $900.  Visit now.

Strikeforce Betting Options

As is the case with all MMA betting, the most popular form of Strikeforce bet is by far the straight up money line wager, which involves simply betting on which fighter will win the fight.  There are odds associated with each fighter winning and you are paid out based on those odds if the fighter you select pulls out the win.  Here is an example:

Daniel Cormier +125
Josh Barnett -145

In this example, Barnett is a slight favorite.  A $145 bet on Barnett wins $100 ($245 payout), while a $100 bet on Cormier wins $125 ($225 payout).

Prop bets are also a big part of Strikeforce betting.  You can bet on things such as which round the fight will end in, how the fight will end (TKO, decision, submission) and much more.  Basically anything you can think of you will be able to bet on if the fight is high profile enough.

Strikeforce fights are always fun to watch and placing a bet makes them that much more fun to watch.