MMA Prop Bets

Prop betting on MMA fights is a lot of fun and can be profitable if you understand the fighters and their strategies heading into the fight.  Fighers styles will match up differently and often times you can anticipate how a fight will go based on each fighers strengths and weaknesses.  If you can successfully predict how a fight will go based on this information MMA prop bets can be very lucrative for you.  On this page you will find explanations of some of the prop bets you can find on MMA fights online.

Will The Fight Go The Distance?

This is a prop bet that you will be able to find on pretty much every MMA fight with odds being offered at  Basically you are betting on whether the fight will end via submission or knockout, or whether it will go to the judges scorecards.  Here is an example:

Sonnen/Silva goes 5 round distance +200
Sonnen/Silva does not go 5 round distance -280

This Sonnen vs Silva fight is expected to be ended before going to the judges scorecards.

Fight Outcome

This prop bet is a lot of fun and can be very profitable if you have a good idea as to how the fight will pan out.  With this MMA prop bet you take the winning fighter and their method of victory.  For example, using the same fight as above, you could bet on Sonnen or Silva winning via submission, knockout or decision.

If you watch a lot of MMA you will know that Sonnen wins a great deal of his fights via decision by controlling the fight on the mat.  If you think that is how the Sonnen vs Silva fight will go then it could be a smart bet to take Sonnen via decision.


5Dimes also gives you the option of betting on whether the fight will end in a draw.  Draws are very rare in MMA fights, but if you can predict a draw you would be in for a big payout.  Here is an example from the Sonnen vs Silva fight:

Draw +8000
Not a Draw -21500

A $100 bet would payout $8000 if the fight did finish as a draw.

Round Finished

On higher profile fights you will also be able to find odds on which round the fight finishes in.  You can either simply bet on which round the fight will finish in or both which round the fight will finish in and which fighter is victorious in that round.  Obviously you will receive a higher payout if you predict both the winner and the round, rather than simply the last round. is our top rated online sportsbook when it comes to MMA proposition bets.  I suggest visiting before any big fight to see what kind of prop bets they are offering.

Brad will often take good value props in his free MMA picks posts.  Check them out before every UFC event for some great betting ideas.